Friday, September 3, 2010


Hey Everybody,
Today is an exciting day! This is the first post on my debut blog "Plumcot." I hope you guys are all ready to follow me on my awesome amateur baking adventures, where I'll adapt recipes from all over the web and post them on the blog with pictures of the finished baked goods, along with helpful tips, suggestions, and anything that I discover along the way.

A little background: (Cue the flashback...) A good friend of mine, Anya, (who is an awesome baker), had made a blissful brown butter Hazelnut cake (from Deb's recipe on Smitten Kitchen - Deb, you rock!) and when I had a slice of that, I went to heaven. I decided that I wanted to bake, to recreate that cake, to eat that cake, and then make other baked goods.

(Fading back to reality....)
Have you ever had that kind of experience - a dish that you loved so much, that you wanted to recreate it in your kitchen? Let me know.

I just learnt how to bake two weeks ago (so I'm still a newbie), and I fell in love with it. I mean who wouldn't be attracted to the wafting smells of spices, fruits, breads, puddings ... (someone stop me now - I'll go on forever). Baked goods always bring people together and they create a great social environment (it's the scientist in me that comes up with these things).

I want to take the fear out of baking - there's really nothing to it, if you have the right set of tools and ingredients. It is a lot of fun and you'll become very popular with people when you show up with a cake or something like that (disclaimer: it depends on how it turns out). 

So stop by every week, when I'll have a new adventure posted up.  Leave comments and questions on the blog, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

So, let's have some fun and a totally awesome time!

Baked goods rule!

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