Sunday, April 24, 2011

Put out an A.P.B - Apple, Pear, Banana cobbler

Summer is on it's way. Can you believe it? It's almost May. How the time flies! We need to get ready to fit into our trunks and swimsuits. So, we need to start working out and eating healthy.

With the impending summer, many fruits are coming into season. Fruits are some of the most amazing delicacies that nature provides us. They are sweet, but not overly sweet and they fill you up, because they have tons of fiber. And they taste so good!

So the highlight how good fruits can be in a baked good, I decided to make a cobbler - specifically, a Apple, Pear, and Banana Cobbler. When you eat this cobbler, you will feel the warm comforting embrace of summer - I promise.

And it might help you get into those trunks.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pineapple Upside Down Cake - Disaster strikes!

To err is human.....

That pretty much sums up everything about this post. I've always been posting recipes that were successful, but usually it involves a lot of trial and error on my part. Here is a recipe for a Pineapple Upside down cake, where I tried to get a bit too creative. The recipe is fine - I just made a mistake.

Mistakes always happen in the kitchen and it's a good thing (once in a while) - you learn something new when it happens and you don't do it again in the future.

I hope you learn from my mistake and don't make it with your cake - that would give me the satisfaction that I need.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bittersweet chocolate and pear cake

It was a beautiful summer evening last year, when at the last minute, my friends called me over for a potluck dinner. A nice get-together is always a great thing and the weather was perfect for that. I agreed instantaneously.

But after hanging up, I panicked. What should I do? What should I make? I don't have time to go grocery shopping. What can I make?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Goat cheese and Chive Biscuit Drops

With all the sweet stuff that I've been making over the past several weeks, I decided to try out something more savory this time around. I had some left over goat cheese from my salad (a recipe for another day). Earlier that day, while randomly browsing through food blogs, I saw a recipe for Blue cheese and scallion drop biscuits on Smitten Kitchen and I said, "Why not do it goat cheese?"

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Le Gateau Piege

So I love Clotilde - I mean her food blog - Chocolate and Zucchini. When I was just starting out - (getting my feet wet in baking), Chocolate and Zucchini was one of the first food blogs I encountered while exploring the food blog world. Clotilde's anecdotes and her encounters with food were (and still is) extremely interesting and one can feel the enthusiasm and her passion in her food. Her blogging is also filled with humor - both subtle and clear.

Now, I'm a sucker for French cakes with cool titles.

One of the first recipes I saw in her blog was the recipe for an orange cake, known as Le Gateau Piege.  Looking at the list of ingredients, I was surprised to find that there weren't very many - which is always great thing, since it means less money to spend.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring comes bearing a Blood Orange Crostata

So spring finally hit California this past week. It was absolutely gorgeous. The sky was clear, the sun was shining brightly, and the birds were chirping. I woke up this morning feeling invigorated, and after I saw this in my potted plant,  I felt good.

Feeling inspired by the moment, I decided that I should close winter and welcome spring with a tart that suits this transition - A blood orange crostata.

The reason I loved this tart is because even though this is baked citrus, it tasted like blood orange jam, just pure heaven. And I fell in love when I opened the oven and saw a golden brown crust with the blood orange juice just bubbling.