Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Homemade dark chocolate truffles, anyone?

Short post this week. I just got back yesterday and I wanted to get back into the groove of baking. I was thinking of something I could make for a good friend of mine that was easy and could be done ahead of time.

And then I came across the recipes for chocolate truffles.

The fact that absolutely NO BAKING is required for this recipe intrigued me, because I was pretty tired at the time. Moreover, the beauty of this recipe that is that there are step by step photo directions available on the website and the results are delectable. 

I made mine with a combination of two different chocolates. Now, personally, I don't like things that are too sweet. So I mixed 4 ounces of 100% pure dark chocolate and 60% bittersweet chocolate (both from Ghirardelli). This combination gave me fantastic truffles that were not overtly sweet. I was really tempted to melt chocolate and make a shell for the truffles, but I didn't have the appropriate chocolate for that - anything that is not a baking chocolate or chocolate chips. So I decided to stick to the traditional method and rolled them in cocoa powder. 

I was extremely impressed with the results and I sneaked a few of these chocolatey goodies before I headed over. I think you all would be impressed - so I encourage you to give it a try - I assure you that this is definitely not too sweet. You can also try it with 100% pure chocolate and add the amount of sugar or other substitute that you like - which brings me to the last point - they are so easy to make (since there is no baking) and so versatile (any type of chocolate should theoretically work) that it is now one of my to-go recipes.



  1. Homemade chocolate truffles looks awesome. If i were neighbor then I can do a taste testing.

  2. I'll take some please!! I love truffles...especially if they're not overly sweet...and I also like how easy they are to make! I'm sure your friend loved them! :)