Friday, October 7, 2011

I'm back with Warm Brown Sugar Cookies

Hey all,
I missed you guys so much. Things have been crazy the last few months and you have been patient with me. And patience is always rewarded. Trust me on that.

I rushed to grab these brown sugar cookies and that was a big mistake. Suffice to say, I will be more patient from now on.

Things have been fun - volunteering, medical school applications, dating, music festivals, and baking of course. Sometimes I wish I had more than 24 hours in one day and that I could go through these 24 hours without any sleep.

And warm brown sugar cookies will definitely not help you stay awake, especially with a cup of warm milk.

So the recipe for the brown sugar cookies is from one of my most favorite blogs on the internet - Joy the Baker.

This recipe is absolutely a cinch to make - especially with a KitchenAid - you add a bunch of stuff into the mixing bowl, mix and the batter is ready.

The cookies themselves are absolutely delicious. No complaints and no changes to the recipe either.

It was that good.

Hopefully, the nurses at the hospital where I volunteer will like these cookies. All things considering, they have done so much for me (keeping me out of trouble) that I want to do something nice in return. This is only the beginning.


Update: It took me 9 minutes to make the batter in my mixer and 2x10 minutes for all the cookies = total time 30 minutes - now that's a quick recipe to keep on hand.

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