Saturday, June 9, 2012

Almond and Chocolate chip muffins (my second minor disaster)

Hey all,
So if you look through this entire blog, then you will notice one thing that is missing. All right, well several things, but one thing is muffins. Where are the quintessential little bite size munchies? How can I call myself a baking blog without muffins?!!

That little detail had to be rectified right away. So I went to the store and got myself a muffin pan and a box of paper liners. Proud of my step forward, I started planning what muffin recipe to make and usually I go to my go-to-guides - Joy of baking and 101 cookbooks to get some ideas. Usually all the recipes I'd seen thus far involved way too much sugar than I wanted in my diet.

Then I found THE recipe. Simple, straightforward and not too much sugar. I adapted it considerably and made the Almond and Chocolate chip muffins.

Little did I know about the trouble I was about to have....

The recipe in itself is simple enough. It's adapted from the Lucia muffins recipe on 101 Cookbooks. You don't need any fancy equipment. Just mix the dry ingredients separately in two different bowls. Combine the wet to the dry and mix until the ingredients just come together. I mean all of this takes 5 minutes, and time is precious to us all.

Well hello Mr. Dry! I'm Ms. Wet Ingredients! Let's make muffins!

I take out my muffin pan, line it with paper liners, spray it with cooking oil, dollop the dough and admire it from afar. These little ones looked so nice as they went into the oven.

The batter ready for dolloping into muffin liners.

Twenty minutes later.... They looked perfect!

Muffins!!!! Beautiful!

Golden brown and puffed up with the traditional dome shape of the canonical muffin. You should have seen my face - full of excitement. Until... I tried to take the muffin out of the paper liner.

Oh, the horror! The biggest problem was the sticking. The muffins just stuck to the sides of the paper liner and just broke off the moment I tried to take them out. Even so, these were edible.

The sugar was on the tad-low side. Three tablespoons of sugar for 12 muffins is a pretty low amount per muffin. For me though, the sweetness from the chocolate chips really kept it at the right level for me. Feel free to adjust for more sweetness.

Regardless of the problems, these muffins were in fact delicious. Now I just need to figure out how to fix the paper liner issues. Any suggestions?

Like all of us, our imperfections make us beautiful, unique, and perfect! While these muffins are far from perfection, they are full of love for you all and I hope you enjoy it. I'll definitely keep making more to get better at it.

I also realize that I haven't made a ton of progress on my 1000 recipe challenge. That needs to change as well. Next week.....


P.S. Remember to keep your laptop away from your friend's cat. She clawed off my A and Q keys and was very proud of it.

Cats like to claw things off.

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