Sunday, May 26, 2013

Good times in Trinidad and oh the food!

So the first part of my trip was to Trinidad and it was absolutely fabulous from the first minute I landed there to the last minute when I left.

Trinidad has a beautiful insignia

It all began with meeting my good friend's family who were so hospitable to me. They picked up from the airport at midnight even though my flight was an hour and a half late. I loved them and their one year old niece who stopped by to say hello. She was adorable. I wanted to eat her cheeks, but I stopped when I saw all the food that they had made.

Where I stayed - it was pretty much like a 5-star resort.

They stuffed me with so much food, that I think my stomach exploded all over many many times. Crabs, chickens, ham-hocks, curries galore, rice, and macaroni pie. Phew! Just thinking about all the dishes makes me want to go to a food coma right now.

Delicious crabs.

 You cannot go wrong with grapefruit juice - I had several jugs.

I also got addicted to grapefruit juice - it is AMAZING! Can you believe it - you can get canned Trinidad grapefruit these days in special stores or even online!

The other delicacy that I found to be truly amazing was called "Doubles". I loved it so much that I ended up having it every single day that I was there.

Doubles was lip-smacking good.

I think I also rediscovered my gills (yes, they exist), as I spent most of my time at the beach or the river. The weather was gorgeous - 90F but it wasn't blazing sun which was the perfect balance.

The pictures speak for themselves - really! Pack your bags now!

I was very sad at the end of the trip, because I didn't really want to leave Trinidad. It is indeed a beautiful country that's hidden away and has so much to offer. The people are so kind, generous, and they know how to have a good time.

I should make this into a travel ad.

I think I want to retire in the Caribbean in the future!

Next post will be on my trip to London.


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