Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lazy Saturday in Michigan, Potter Park Zoo, and White batter bread

So here I am in Michigan! And I love it! I'm getting to spend time with my family after the last six months, which have been hectic and tiring.

And although I love to travel and explore, I decided to take a little break on Saturday - I mean, we all need a lazy day, right? A small trip and baking some bread was the answer.

I decided to take a small trip with my dad to the Potter Park Zoo, which I will say is quite impressive. It was a little early in the morning (11 am) and it seems that the animals had read my mind. The weather was perfect for a nice nap:

Birds, fishes, reptiles, animals - I loved them all. But my favorite was the majestic african lion. He was looking at us all and gave a low growl, which I took to mean either as hello or get the hell away from me!

The big cat was chillin!


Bird (can't remember the name)



The Lioness


I'll be posting more pictures, but I've definitely fallen in love with nature, and I look forward to seeing more national parks and wildlife.

Once we got back, we decided to attempt a bread. Of course, a kitchen aid is useful but not needed.

We decided to make one of the easiest breads: A White Batter Bread

All you need is a bowl and a wooden spoon - no kitchen aid needed. You need to have good yeast - ours was past the expiration date and it definitely took much longer to rise, but we loved the end product.

Also we used clarified butter - I mean how much better can it get. The flavor was amazing.

We could have baked it a little longer, but without a thermometer, we came pretty close.

We started with the whole loaf this morning and most of it is gone. My dad loved it and he has decided to stop buying bread from outside.

I definitely give this bread two thumbs up!


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  1. Cute zoo pics of those lazy animals, Kartik. :) Your bread looks really good! I'm not surprised it was eaten up so quickly! :)