Saturday, September 22, 2012

I love New York!

Hey all,
Sorry I've been missing for the past few months. It has been insane!

Let me tell you the many many ways that my life has been in constant motion....

1. Packed and shipped everything from California to Michigan
2. Best friend's wedding in Kansas. (I loved my first ever wedding!)
2. Visited family in Michigan
3. Packed and shipped stuff to New York
4. Came to New York
5. Started medical school.

The last part has been intense, but at the same time, I've made so many many friends here that I'm very glad that I'm here in New York. It has also given me a chance to flourish as a person and I'm so excited for the many adventures - both city life and cooking that await me in this crazy yet wonderful city.

I have a New York State of Mind....

I guess there is some truth to beauty in chaos (not sure I like it as much though.)

I promise to be back (when I get a little break) to post more interesting goodies on the website. But in the meantime, here's a picture of my first steps in the journey.

And here's a little preview of what's coming up on the blog:

Have a fantastic weekend while I go study for another med school exam.

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