Friday, September 25, 2015

5-year anniversary: Paleo Pancakes with Strawberry Compote sauce

I am amazed to say that five years have passed since I first began this blog. What first began as a curiosity now has become a passion. Baking and cooking has allowed me to be creative with flavors but through the process of learning and feeding people, I have developed many friendships and I have enjoyed every moment of this.

This is one of my to-go pancake recipes which I highly recommend trying. These are Paleo pancakes in that they tend to be more heavy on the protein and less carbohydrates (akin to what is thought to have been the diet in our primitive ancestors). That being said, they were no less delicious than any other pancake - and I found them to be quite filling.

All you need are:
Bananas, Eggs, Almond flour and Strawberries - that's it - four ingredients.

To make the pancakes, it's really easy:

1. Squish one banana (usually this gives about 4 pancakes - each one with two spoons of batter)
2. Add one egg and beat it in.

3. Add enough almond flour (mine was infused with vanilla bean - no big deal) to make it like a thick batter (no science needed here)

4. Cook it up like you would for any other pancake recipe (low-med heat - flip them when you see bubbles on the top and then it will be done in a few minutes on the other side)

Pancakes DONE!

5. The strawberry compote is even easier - dump cut strawberries, a tiny bit of water and boil until they break down and then just blend it all together! - Sauce Done!

And then you make a video ;-) and eat the pancakes!

Happy Pancaking,

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