Friday, March 25, 2011

Nature's Mysterious Bounty

So I walking down the aisle of a grocery store of a supermarket, when something caught my eye. It was so imperfect, that it was absolutely beautiful. It's rare to see these variations. I don't know the cause - if it was genetic or environmental, but I just had to post it up .....

It's almost like a hybrid with its twists and turns and you can see small portions of green bell pepper in a sea of red. It's like a mad scientist's experiment. A poet would weave words into a poem to describe its beauty.

I must say though, it tasted delicious.

Here's the top of the red bell pepper:

And here's the bottom: 

This is a bell pepper - Nature is mysterious and wonderful!


  1. Yes you are right, some time imperfect is need to well balance, that is why nature is doing like this.
    thanks for stopping at my blog. you have wonderful space.

  2. Thanks Swathi! I'm still learning a lot about blogging. I'm not as experienced as you and other well-established bloggers.

  3. What an unusual pepper! But it sure is beautiful, and I would have bought it too! :)