Saturday, January 28, 2012

Whole wheat chocolate chip cookies - Yum!

If you look at recent statistics, almost 20-30% of Americans make a resolution to eat healthy and exercise. Almost a month has passed since New Years, and I wonder how many people have kept their resolutions intact.

I certainly have not kept this resolution. Granted, I exercise quite a bit, but giving up all the baked goods is not an option for me. Instead, I taste and share with everyone else.

But, I stumbled upon a recipe that even I am resistant to share - Whole wheat chocolate chip cookies.

I think the whole wheat in the cookies makes it a little more healthier and even more delicious. The cookies are extremely easy to make and I basically used the recipe that I got from this amazing website.

 The batter was a cinch to make - all you do is add and mix.

Dollop the cookies onto a baking sheet and admire them, before baking.
Taste one delicious puffed up cookie, just to make sure (I call it quality control) 

I concur with Molly on her assessment of these cookies. I'll be honest here and say that these are some of the freaking best chocolate chip cookies. Yes, "freaking" is not really a sophisticated term, but you know what, I like to keep it real. There will be no tea and crumpets at this blog. Well, maybe in the future.

But I digress. These cookies are absolutely delicious when they are just coming out of the oven and the chocolate chips are oozing and melted. I shudder with happiness at the thought of that sight.

Do you want to know how these cookies were? I had 4 cookies on the first night.

My changes to the recipe:
I didn't change the recipe too much, but I basically omitted the extra cup of granulated sugar that's there in the original recipe. That alone makes this cookie even more healthier and not too sweet.

But everything else is the same.

Dip these in almond milk - wow!

These cookies are destined for dipping and I loved them with almond milk. Hey, that's healthy too. Well, what do you know - it's not too bad.

Remember: Everything in moderation, including moderation.

Also, whole wheat has a fantastic flavor. I look forward to making more whole wheat-based goods.


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