Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pumpkin Butterscotch cookies!

Hey all,
I know that your first reaction to this image is... where is the pretty picture? Plates of cookies should be what we stare at. Not a bag of three cookies. Well, funny story.....

Who doesn't love thanksgiving?

I certainly do! It involves a LOT of food, cheer, joy, happiness, friends, cookies.... (did I mention FOOD?). Plus, you get to relax at home and take a few days off.

In preparation for Thanksgiving, I browsed through the web looking for good recipes to try. One that popped right out at me was Pumpkin Butterscotch cookies from Joy.

I had so much leftover canned pumpkin that was just sitting in my fridge waiting to get spoiled. Perfect! Now I can use it all up!

The recipe is pretty simple. Just mix a few ingredients together including the canned pumpkin, delicious spices that screams the holidays and butterscotch chips.

You might think that butterscotch chips are weird, but I assure you, they most certainly are not weird. They are absolutely awesome! And they are a great flavor boost to these cookies.

Spooned out the cookies onto baking sheets and baked them off and they looked gorgeous. Except I ate most of them ...... All that was left was three or four cookies in a bag. Here they are:

Sshhh! Don't tell my friends that I didn't share with them. They would hunt me down.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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