Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thanksgiving - I give thanks to gingersnaps

Hey all,
Thanksgiving is finally upon us - in one short week! I'm excited and surprised as to how quickly time has passed by.

Desserts play an important part in Thanksgiving. They signify the end of an amazing meal and if you end on a bad note, then it leaves the event kind of flat.

Also this is the perfect way to use up all of that excessive pumpkin that you collected and froze during thanksgiving when you were carving those pumpkins into vampires ghouls or ghosts.

One of the most traditional holiday cookies (particularly at Thanksgiving) is the ginger-snap...

These spicy cookies are so so good. Just thinking about them makes my mouth water. With a nice cup of Ginger chai tea, they are the best thing ever on a cold morning, afternoon or evening.

It's a nice way to completely chill and relax.

I, on the other hand, will be taking these cookies to the hospital and hopefully it will help ease what is probably a stressful day for the nurses and staff.

The recipe is easy and straightforward. Mix the butter, sugar, and other wet ingredients together and then add the dry goods and mix. That's it. With the Kitchen Aid, that took me 10 minutes.

I chilled the batter overnight, just because it was midnight when I finished making the batter and I really didn't want to stay up baking cookies, although, don't get me wrong, the thought crossed my mind.

I baked them off this morning and they were perfect. My entire apartment already smells like the holidays. LOVE IT!

I give thanks to the recipe just came out on Smitten Kitchen - my go-to-guide - Gingersnaps. I love Deb. I would gladly send her a box of cookies in gratitude. But she might get fewer than expected when I do a "quality check" for each cookie.

Enjoy Thanksgiving! Next up will be pumpkin cookies with butterscotch or even pumpkin bread.


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